Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

The other night me and some of the people I work with all went over to one of our managers house to put Christmas lights up. He is one of the best people I know, he is always doing something nice for other people, and I guess it was his turn to be the recipient. He mentioned the other day to us that he hadn't had enough time to get his Christmas lights up, so we all got our spare lights out and surprised him. It was a good time and as you can tell it was a very professional job!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Maycee has to "fuel up" before the big recital. Heath bars are her favorite candy bar and it made her dance like a pro! All the girls had to wear their hair exactly the a slicked back bun. I was very nervous that I would not be able to make a bun that had such beauty, but look at this thing. It turned out just right. Hooray! She danced in 2 dances. One was ballet, the other was hip hop. She loved hip hop best, and I even reccorded the dance so we could show it off, but as I went to view it on my camera before I posted it on the blog...I hit a wrong button and erased the whole thing. Trust me though it was very cute, and the purple outfits they wore were so cute. Also the very high pony tail I had to switch her hair to after her ballet number was very cute:) Here are some of Maycee's friends. They have had such a good time so far dancing. They are all great friends and "true girls"! The good news is...there will be another recital in the spring so I can highlight the hip hop dance then. I am very glad she wants to dance. I love to watch that kind of stuff and I think she does a great job. I love that girl!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Well Hello There!

I wanted everyone to meet the little guy that now lives on our family room wall. Carson made him one day (out of bend-a-roo's) and stuck him up and he was very surprising to me. Carson just shrugged his little shoulders and giggled when I asked who it was. He is there to stay because he brings such joy into our hearts. It is funny to watch the reaction of those who visit us! We have gotten used to him now, but if anyone wants a good laugh...come on over.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Jeff's brothers house in Lehi, Utah. It was tricky to get there!! Super snowy, we took 2 hours to get to Pocatello and we saw tons of slide offs on the way. We luckily made it safe.

These guys all had so much fun together. They are building a HUGE fort. What could be better than that right! Hours of fun!

This was kinda funny, all the kids got up in the morning and were being very quiet... turns out they were watching The Smurfs, and they thought it was odd that there was only 1 smurf girl out of all those boys.

And then we went to Temple Square. It was so pretty. The day after Thanksgiving is the very first day they light everything up. It was very crouded but the kids were all so good that we got to have a good time. I haven't been to see the lights forever, it was very nice.

Monday, November 8, 2010

1st Snow

Oh my goodness, it started snowing first thing this morning and it has never stopped. The kids got home from school and went out to play in it. They started to make a snowman and the snow was too heavy to stack the balls on top of eachother so they just piled them next to eachother and called it a fort. The best thing about this picture is how I got them to look up for it. They were all hiding behind the fort and I kept asking them to show their faces so I could take a pic. They refused to look, so I said "Hey, who wants a dollar?" And their faces all popped up, Carson even raised his hand. The best part of the day is that I had the day off, in the snow and just hung out and worked on Lincoln's scrap book from when he was 1 year old. It was fabulous! I know I will get sick of this weather, but for now I quite like it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

1st Day of School take 2

Today was Carson's first day at his new school. There is a new Montesorri school in the district and it is a "hands on" school. They do a lot of activities instead of bookwork and they still learn all of what they need to. He is really excited and had a great time today. He gets P.E. everyday!! I hope it goes well for the little guy, he has A LOT of energy and we for sure want him to be able to use it in a good way!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I thought this was so cute the other day. Me and Lincoln were coloring and we had used like 5 crayons and he stacked them up in a diagonal. Well our coloring quickly turned and he took every crayon out of the box and stacked them ALL in a diagonal. He is very creative.